About Us

Michigan Sports Academies was initially founded in July of 2007. Our simple mission was to provide fundamental skill development in youth sports.

The goal of training athletes for the level they want to reach has driven MSA to develop programming with a focus on individual skill development in West Michigan. We believe that playing sports is an excellent avenue to teach moral principles and characteristics such as dedication, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, and sportsmanship. These goals for both the sport and development of players is the foundation of Michigan Sports Academies.

Key components to MSA are:
Children are given opportunities to maximize their talent, grow within a sport and develop leadership qualities for success.
MSA Sports Academies offer a consistent curriculum per sport and age group.

While our mission continues to evolve, we still hold true to our fundamental approach to development and competition by training the individual first.

Key Benefits to MSA
While focusing on MVA the initial years we have firmly developed the groundwork for offering a product with sustainability, excellent organization and ethical practices in the marketplace. This baseline foundation lends itself to starting a step ahead of the competition.