Practice Facilities

Practice Facilities

Michigan Sports Academies in 2016 and early 2017 took on facility operations to meet the growing needs of all our sports programming family! We added the three facilities below to meet the growing needs. If you want to train, play or just have fun in West Michigan's premier sports academies or facilities you need to join the family!

MSA Fieldhouse

The MSA fieldhouse boasts 5 full size basketball courts and 4 outdoor turf fields of varying sizes. Check out our website to see how we can meet your rental needs.

MSA Woodland

The newly remodeled MSA Woodland has 4 full size, climate controlled wood floor basketball courts and 2 indoor turf fields for the winter months. During the summer we open our sand courts and outdoor grass field for your rental needs.

MSA Sports Spot

This community has long enjoyed the boarded indoor turf for many soccer, football and lacrosse needs. This May -September it will undergo some improvements and updates to keep you coming back for more! Stay tuned for the exciting transformation.