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COACHES CORNER - Fabian Rodriguez

Fabian has been a leader in the West Michigan soccer and futsal community for over 15 years now. Having been the creator of a club, a culture, and a coaching & playing style, he has provided countless opportunities for athletes to learn and compete at a very high level on the field and court. MFA would not be the same without his extraordinary innovation and leadership!
Check out our Q&A session with Fabian Rodriguez! 

Q: What are all of your different roles within and outside of MSA? Outside MSA: the United States Youth Futsal National Team Staff, Michigan Futsal Director (USYF), East Grand Rapids HSG Varsity CoachInside MSA: MFA Director, Director of Coaching for MFA, Revolution Coach, ABK Coach

Q: How did you learn about futsal? I played club soccer with an exchange student from Brazil who first told me about futsal. I had grown up playing street soccer on tennis courts or basketball courts in my neighboorhood so I related to futsal a little at that time. When Nike released "Joga Bonito" that was my true introduction to the sport and nothing has been the same ever since.

Q: Why do you coach? To give young people an opportunity that I missed out on.

Q: Favorite Coaching Memory?My ABK Men's team winning USAF Nationals (2013). The team was comprised mostly of players that I started coaching at 8-12 years old and some are now ABK coaches. 

Q: What is your advice to athletes? Watch where you put your attention. What you pay attention to determines what you miss.

Q: What is your advice to coaches? Self-awareness will help you reach levels of understanding about yourself, your players, and the game that you never knew existed. 
We asked past players and current coaches about the impact Fabian has had on their lives. Check out their answers!
Q: How has Fabian impacted you as an athlete?
Jeo: I have been around Fabian my entire soccer career. He has made a huge impact on the player I am today. He knows how to communicate with me and others very well. This has helped me in my athletic career to now coaching alongside him today.

Urbano: Without Fabian, I would not be the player I am today. He's given me so much confidence and has been so patient since the beginning. He believed in my ability, which made me believe in myself.

Jessie: Fabian has been my coach for 10+ years now. He has impacted me as a player on a deep level. He makes me think about how I treat my teammates, he makes me think about how I can make myself and my team better. He allows me to be myself on the court/field when I am playing.

Q: How has Fabian impacted you as a coach?
Jessie: Much like when I play, Fabian has always challenged and pushed me to be the best coach and role model I can be. Fabian and I debate and talk a lot about the best philosophy, how we can improve our players, our club, and most importantly how we can be better coaches. Fabian really motivates me to think much deeper when it comes to coaching.

Johan: Fabian has impacted me to be a better coach. He has also inspired me to get to his level and be part of that top tier of coaches.

Jeo: I've been a coach with MFA for almost 2 years now. Being able to work with and watch Fabian has taught me so much. Fabian hosts coaching workshops where we discuss different scenarios of gameplay. His mission is to make sure that coaches are learning and improving too. 

Q: What 3-5 words describe Fabian?
Urbano: Humble, driven, genius, overachiever and last but not least GOAT.

Jessie: Patient, educator, intellectual.Johan: Best coach ever.

Jeo: Relaxed, smart, confident and compassionate.
A pivotal piece of the MFA puzzle - Fabian is dedicated to impacting athletes' and coaches' lives through inspiration, devotion, and hard work. We are grateful for your impact on the soccer and futsal communities.