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July Core Value | RESPECT

🎵 R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to... MSA! 

R - Recognizing the talents in our teammates 

E - Encouraging others to be the best version of themselves 

S - Selflessness  

P - Positive attitudes  

E - Enthusiasm for others when they succeed  

C - Commitment to the success of the team 

T - Trusting in the ability of others  

Respect is defined by MSA as admiring greatness in others. Participating in sports is a great way to grow and establish respect. Athletics teach athletes sportsmanship and how to be happy for their peers. At an early age athletes learn that each teammate possesses their own unique skillset and utilizing those individual talents serves the greater good of the team. Once adults, these athletes have the ability to value others for the talents and skills that they bring to a project, job, or family. Individuals who hold this ability care much more about the team’s success than personal glory.   

“If you have respect for people as they are, you are helping them become better than they are.”  

Ways to talk about RESPECT with your athlete(s): 

  1. Think of someone you respect. Why do you respect them? 
  2. How do you show respect as an athlete, student, and person? 
  3. Who is someone in your life that you can show more respect to? How can you do this? 
  4. What does respect mean to you?