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May Core Value | GRIT

Sports commentators often use the term “gritty” to describe a determined or courageous performance. An athlete who “hangs tough” and shows no sign of giving in despite the challenges they face is a gritty performer, but let’s step back and think about everything that led up to that day, that moment, and that make or break gritty performance:

  • The relentless drive to be the best you can be.
  • The dedication and determination to make every effort in training and in competition count.
  • The unwavering commitment to achieving your goal.
  • The willingness to keep learning from every experience.
  • And the purposeful intention to be prepared for every set of circumstances you might face as a competitor in your sport.

If you have grit, you are ready, willing, and prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Bring the conversation home with your athlete(s):

  1. Is there someone who comes to mind when you think of grit? 
  2. How can you be a more gritty teammate, competitor, and athlete? 
  3. Have you had a relentless drive in a task before?

We will be focusing on Grit this month as our Core Value. Sports provide the perfect opportunity to learn and experience dedication, commitment, determination and so much more. We look forward to having conversations about Grit this month and we hope you will join us.