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September Core Value | Loyalty

Loyalty is the heart and soul of any meaningful relationship. A sports team provides the perfect platform for loyalty. The Giving of oneself to others is the foundation of loyalty. Many of our greatest experiences in life can be found in our relationships. At its core, loyalty is about reliability. And the team setting reliability is a necessary ingredient for success.

Loyalty is found in the physical, intellectual, emotional and social support we provide others. It is the bond of loyalty players have to teammates that forges a coherent team. It is players willingly committing to each other and going out of their way to ensure someone else’s needs are met.

“Loyalty is the cohesive force that forges individuals into teams”
-John Wooden

Four ways to be loyal to your team through thick and thin...

  1. Always speak positively about your team and teammates. Even if you disagree with the starting line-up, if you’re in a fight with one of your teammates, or if you have a losing record. Always speak with thought, kindness, and confidence when it comes to your team.
  2. If need be, set up a time to constructively sit down with your coach.Don’t talk behind their back or go to anyone other than the coach first to begin to deal with an issue that you’re having on your team.
  3. A positive attitude- especially during tough times- will make you an asset. Each individual attitude on the team shapes the culture of the team. Be the positive person and motivator your team looks to, learns from, and emulates, especially when the cars are stacked against you. A positive attitude through the good and bad times will set you apart and show just how mentally tough you can be for the people around you.
  4. Go the extra mile. There is no better way to show you are all in for your team and teammates then with an all-out work ethic.

Bring the conversation home with your athlete.

  1. What does loyalty mean to you?
  2. To whom do you show loyalty?
  3. Who shows loyalty to you?
  4. Why is it important to be loyal?