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Join our exceptional coaching staff to push your game to the next level while having a blast in the gym!  


MBA Spring Future Ballers:  April 14 - May 19

Quality training with once per week commitment!  MBA coaches run 90 minute high rep sessions to develop an understanding of basketball concepts in a fun-filled atmosphere!  Clinic runs Tuesday nights.  

GRADES: K - 3rd | TIME: 4:30 - 6:00PM | COST: $90 | LOCATION: Woodland
MBA Spring Youth Academy:  April 15 - May 20

Our passionate, experienced coaches focus on teaching proper technique in these high-repetition, fun-filled skills clinics.  Clinics run Wednesday nights.  

GRADES: 4th - 8th | TIME: 4:30pm - 6pm | COST: $90 | LOCATION: Woodland
Summer Future Ballers:  June 15 - 18 |  July 13 - 16
Kick off the summer with some basketball development in a fun filled atmosphere. Our Director Bryan Powell will lead our future ballers through detailed instruction each day along with games to enhance skill development! Meet Monday -Thursday for two hours each day to allow kids to learn and create new relationships in a high quality clinic! 
GRADES: K-3rd | TIME: 9am-11am | COST: $135 | LOCATION: Woodland
Summer Youth Academy:  June 15 - 18 |  July 13 - 16
Kick-off the summer with some basketball development in a fun-filled atmosphere. Our Director Bryan Powell will lead our youth academy through all areas of skill development! Whether you are a beginner or advanced, the goal is to push participants outside of their comfort zone daily. Concepts will include: Single ballhandling, two ball dribbling, attacking the basket in transition, attacking the basket in the half-court, shooting technique, offense spacing, and concepts! Join us for two hours a day Monday-Thursday for a high-quality clinic with professional instruction
GRADES: 4th-8th | TIME: 11:30am-1:30pm | COST: $135 | LOCATION: Woodland
All Dat with MBA:  June 22 - 25 |  August 10 - 13
For the ultimate MBA experience – look no further than our All Day with MBA clinic! This unique clinic provides everything you’ll need for summer development including skill instruction, games, film breakdown, offensive and defensive concepts ETC. Our passionate coaches led by MBA Director Bryan Powell will guide participants through 4 days of top-notch development and fun! Participants can expect the morning for skill development with gameplay after lunch all week, by the end of the week there are many prizes and competitions awarding players for a great week of camp!
GRADES: 2nd-9th | TIME: 9am-3pm | COST: $190 | LOCATION: Woodland

Please Note:

No refunds will be issued for and reason other than one which has been clinically diagnosed by a medical professional.  Before a refund can be issued, MSA must receive a verbal confirmation or written documentation from a medical professional, indicating the athlete can no longer participate in the class.  in all cases, a $25 administrative fee will be deducted from the amount of the issue refunded.  

Due to high demand of our camp and clinics, pro-rated amounts can not be issued.