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Mayhem in the Mitten 

Dec. 19-20 

Grand Rapids 

Courthouse Holiday 

Dec. 26 or 27 

Grand Rapids 

Drive to the Hoop 

Jan. 9-10 

Grand Rapids 

MLK Speice  

Jan. 16-17 

Ft. Wayne 

Kids Helping Kids 

Feb. 6-7 

Ft. Wayne 

MBA Presidents Day 

Feb. 13-14 

Grand Rapids 

Spartan Showcase 

Feb. 27-28 

East Lansing 

Michigan State Basketball Championship 

March 13-14 

Grand Rapids 

Storm Classic 

March 20-21 

Grand Rapids 

DeMarcus Cummings
Nathan  Burkhart
Tayler Jefferson
Dalen McAfee
Leighten Belasco (Robke)
Kavosaye Phillips Jr.
Logan Sicilia
Tanner Snip
Dustin Reed
Brady Robbins