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ABK Premier

ABK’s Premier program will continue to serve competitive players of different levels of Futsal experience. The commitment is a full Winter program as premier teams will primarily compete on the local level, but they may also have the opportunity to advance and compete at the regional and national level, same as the Academy teams.

There are several benefits to our ABK Premier Teams this 2018-2019 season: 

  • With MSA’s premier sports facilities, our ABK teams have immediate access to stability, consistency, and convenience.
  • Partnering up with MFA’s Revolution soccer program, ABK players will benefit from cooperation with schedules, coordination of environment and aligning playing styles of soccer and futsal combined.
  • Premier teams will still participate in both sessions of the West Michigan Futsal League.

Not to mention, the goal for ABK is to challenge every team and athlete and develop them to their full potential, both on and off the field.  Our #BeyondTheSport initiative connects players to all 3 areas of development: Character, Capability, and Community. We are all about developing the whole person, not just the player.

Join the Futsal Revolution!