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Breaking Ankles & Breaking Records Since 2012

Age Groups:  U7 – U19

Training Location:  MSA Sports Spot, West Michigan’s home to 4 Futsal Sport Courts

Competition Levels: 


  • The highest level of futsal coaching, training and competition in the Nation
  • Training 2x/week + National Competition
  • Participation in West Michigan Futsal League, Michigan Futsal State Championships, USYF Great Lakes Regional Championships + 2 More Events





  • Exclusive invite-only program in every 2 age groups: 4 Boys teams / 4 Girls teams
  • Regional Academy Games + Extra Training + National Academy Cup
  • One of only 20 clubs in the United States who are a part of USYF Academy program!  


Team Information Sheets:

ABK Academy ABK Premier
ABK Jr ABK Nationals

Players First Initiative

Revolution and ABK join forces for year-long cooperation in creating a top-notch curriculum for player development.  The implementation of Futsal in our weekly Revolution schedule is a massive step in developing top-level players for many years to come.  

Futsal is globally recognized as an essential development tool for youth soccer players.  Many top international players credit futsal for becoming the elite players they are today.


We want to create fearless, strong, smart, nimble and quick futsal keepers. Our highly technical trainings start from the fundamentals and build up. Futsal goalkeepers work on block saves, split saves, distribution, footwork. Our coaching staff knows and plays the game and look forward to training you!

Too many people experience the world through the lens of outcomes and that is especially true when it comes to sports.  If outcomes are good, you are good.  When outcomes are bad, you are bad.  At ABK, we pride ourselves in enjoying and trusting the process of player development.  I tell my players that we can win a game in two ways: we can play well or we can score more goals than the other team.  Ideally, we’d do both, but sometimes playing well requires sacrificing results.” – Fabian Rodriguez, ABK Founder.

The MFA staff loves what they do, is highly trained, and looks forward to training your athlete!  

Fabian Rodriguez | Director of Coaching
Brett Beckett | Club Operations Director
Derek Dufendach | MFA Director

Jessie Zamudio | Boys Teams
Lito Esquivel | Girls Teams
Urbano Romero | Jr/RevFutsal Teams
Ben “Rudy” Ruehrdanz | MFA Juniors (U4-U6)


Contact the MSA Foundation for information about scholarships available for youth athletes in West Michigan.  

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