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RevFutsal is MFA’s newest futsal program that was created as a competitive offering for club soccer players to play futsal! Check out 6 fun facts about RevFutsal:

1. RevFutsal will be offered in two locations in 2021-22: Grand Rapids (@ MSA Sports Spot) and Lakeshore (@MSA Lakeshore).

2. These teams will have 1 practice a week and will compete in the West Michigan Futsal League.  Each team will also get a tournament during Session 2.

3. Players may opt in to play in one or both sessions of the futsal season (Session 1 is Nov-Dec, Session 2 is Jan-Feb).  Cost to play is $250 per session or $450 for both.

4. Rev Futsal teams will be coached by Revolution soccer coaches who have experience coaching futsal.

5. Teams are formed with players who are in the same skill range to provide appropriate training and competition for all. Teams will be formed in the Fall based on interest/invite-only.

6. Players from outside Revolution may join as well, but they will have to buy the Rev uniform kit (volt jersey, black shorts, volt socks).

Full Season includes:

  • Cost $450
  • 14-week season
  • 12 trainings
  • 12 games
  • 1 tournament

Half Season includes:

  • Cost $250
  • 7-week season
  • 6 trainings
  • 6 games
  • 1 tournament (Session 2 only)

Interested in joining a RevFutsal team?  Complete our interest form below.

Join the Futsal Revolution