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MVA Tryout Results

Athletes will be receiving an email with season information, payment information, online forms, and waivers.  Please be sure to fill out your online paperwork ASAP, your online commitment payment is due by the parent meeting to accept and ensure a spot with MVA.  The parent meeting is on Wednesday November 6th @ 6:00p at the MSA Fieldhouse for new families.  We know tryout placements can be an anxious time, we spend a lot of time evaluating and discussing placements as a staff in order to do what is best for the individual athletes and the program.  Please know we do not discuss placement results.

B05 B44
B08 b45
B12 B46
B15 b49
B20 B54
B28 b55
B33 B63
B35 B73
B40 B76
B42 B68
B01 B39
B03 B47
B11 B48
B17 B53
B18 B56
B21 B58
B22 B59
B27 B61
B32 B66
B34 B71
B04 B26
B06 B29
B09 B30
B16 B37
B23 B70
B02 B50
B07 B51
B13 B52
B19 B57
B24 B62
B25 B64
B36 B65
B38 B67
B41 B75
G015 O059 P405
G017 O060 P406
G018 P001 P407
G019 P008 P409
G024 P011 P411
G025 P012 P412
G050 P017 P413
G051 P020 P414
G052 P021 Y001
G053 P022 Y002
G054 P023 Y003
G055 p024 Y004
G056 P026 Y006
G057 P027 Y012
O003 P029 Y013
O004 P030 Y014
O007 P031 Y016
O011 P035 Y019
O015 P036 Y023
O050 P043 Y024
O051 P044 Y025
O052 P098 Y401
O054 P402 Y402
O056 P403 Y405
O058 P404  
O020 G008
O005 G009
p032 G016
P015 Y018
p016 Y022

18 Blue

O010 Y011
P028 Y021
P010 Y027
P099 P042
G005 P499
O001 G007
O008 G012
P004 G021
P037 Y026
P490 Y007

17 Blue

y010 P018
Y008 p019
O009 P033
O014 G001
P006 G020

17 Elite

P007 G006
P038 Y005
P014 Y015
G010 O006
G022 O012
O013 P039
O016 G011
P025 G014
P001 Y017
p013 Y020

16 Blue

G002 Y029
G003 P003
O002 P005
G013 P009
G004 P034