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2019-2020 MVA Team Tryouts | Grand Rapids & Lakeshore

Have been completed for the 2019- 2020 Season

MVA Lakeshore Tryouts

Have been completed for the 2019- 2020 Season

Additional Information

All athletes will tryout with their appropriate age group.

Please choose the tryout sessions appropriate for the level your athlete wishes to play.  In Grand Rapids 6month National/Elite teams may tryout at separate times for some age groups.

Please review the age group information sheets and the program level quick facts, to determine your options between National, Elite, and Regional.  You can find pricing and season information in the individual links under specific tryout groups.

Individuals who tryout for, but are not placed on, a National or Elite team will automatically be considered for a regional team. 

Still have questions? We would be happy to help.  Contact us here or give us a call at 616.608.5905

What is the difference between MVA Grand Rapids & MVA Lakeshore?

There is no difference in the product delivery between MVA Grand Rapids and MVA Lakeshore.  MVA Lakeshore will practice out of the Lakeshore Athletic Complex, north of Holland.  Currently, only 3-month Regional teams will be offered out of the Lakeshore but we will have offerings for every age group.  Grand Rapids will continue to have Regional, Elite, and National teams.  

Program level quick facts

National: Our most competitive level for our full season (6 month) athletes looking to compete at the highest level on a National scale.The National level is our highest commitment level with practice 3 times a week, play in the Open Level Power League, frequent travel throughout the MidWest, and attend the National Championships in June. National athletes commit for the full 6-month season with runs from late November to late June. Only offered in Grand Rapids.

Elite: For competitive athletes looking to play a full season (6 month). The Elite level offers 2 or 3 practices a week, competition in our Open Level Power League, several local 2 day tournaments, and regional travel including some of our team travel trips.Elite athletes will commit for the full 6-month season which runs from December to the first weekend of June. Only offered in Grand Rapids.

Regional: For our half-season (3 month) athletes looking to take the competition schedule up a notch. The Regional level offers a jump in competition and commitment. Regional teams have 2 practices per week, play in local events and one regional event per session. Athletes may play winter and/or spring. Winter season runs from December-early March, spring season runs from mid-March to early June.  Offered in Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore.

MVA 616: Athletes have the opportunity to be involved in AAU competition through our local tournaments and leagues but at a lower cost/lower commitment option.  MVA 616 teams have 1 – 2 practices per week and all events are local. Athletes may play winter and/or spring. Winter season runs from December-early March, spring season runs from mid-March to early June.  Offered in Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore.

Online registration will reduce the amount of paperwork you have to fill out on location! The $25 payment is taken when you pre-register online. Pre-registration is to be completed by midnight the night before posted tryout time. If a parent will not be attending tryouts, online registration must be completed.

Players not registered online will need to arrive 60 minutes prior to the posted tryout time. They will need to register on-site and the $45 fee will be collected at that time.

Online registration is now Open!

I’m ready to register my athlete, what should I do?

  1. Visit MVA’s registration site
  2. Click on MVA activities in the photo menu
  3. Select MVA Activites in the left sidebar
  4. Scroll down to see MVA tryout options
  5. Select REGISTER for your athletes age group and location
  6. Create an account or log in to your existing account to register your athlete for tryouts

What to bring

Water bottle, athletic clothes, tryout payment (for those not registered online) and a motivated athlete.

What to expect

Players will check in and confirm birth date, grade, position, contact info, among other things. They will then receive a tryout number and t-shirt. Athletes will try on MVA volleyball jerseys in order to allow us to order as soon as possible after tryout results are posted. Athletes will complete both physical testing (jump, agility, speed) and on-court evaluations.

What’s Next

Tryout results and program placement will be posted on the website using assigned tryout numbers. A mandatory parent/player meeting will be held following the program placement announcement. Final team rosters are given after placement weeks.


Looking for financial assistance for your athlete? 

Contact the MSA Foundation for information about scholarships available for youth athletes in West Michigan.

Ready to join the fun?