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We Have a Simple Mission.

Teach. Life. Sport.

The role sports play in the lives of children is undeniable. Sports allow children to gain confidence, work as a team, fight against obesity, understand time management, learn to make sacrifices, find a place where they belong — the list could go on and on.

Here at MSA we are proud to offer a wide range of programs to introduce new athletes to sports as well as help the top players meet their dreams of playing in college. We enjoy the journey and find every opportunity to have fun while learning important life lessons and improving in the game.

Michigan Sports Academies also values the role recreation plays in our lives. We pride ourselves on having 3 state of the art facilities with recreational opportunities for everyone in West Michigan. New as of summer 2021, MSA Fieldhouse is the home of a brand new turf! We host a wide range of sporting events, drop in sports, business expos and more.


Michigan Sports Academies has incredible coaches that facilitate our vision of teach. Our coaching staff is passionate, enthusiastic, and highly trained. We focus on technical skill development even with our youngest athletes. We know how to meet your player where they are at in their journey and push them to the next level.

Michigan Sports Academies values the opportunity to teach your athlete. We are responsive, open, communicative, and well organized. We offer a high value return in relationship to cost. We are enthusiastic about having fun while learning the game.

"There is nothing greater than inspiring the generation to come. These young minds are like sponges, and it is our privilege as coaches to fill them with reliable information that will aid them in their growth as athletes, and humans."

Derek Dufendach, MFA Director


Our athletes are not defined by their sport. Sport is what they do, not who they are. That is why at Michigan Sports Academies we focus on life beyond the sport. Developing character is of the utmost importance. We want our athletes to become more than just great competitors, but critical thinkers that possess the skills and integrity to navigate life’s challenges. MSA works on the hearts and minds of our athletes through our core values.

Each month the coaches at MSA highlight a core value. Players are given cards to bring home to facilitate discussion and growth. At the end of the month, coaches choose a player who emulated the core value on that team and he or she is given a bag tag for their backpack.

"Sports teach kids both to lead and to follow. They offer real life experiences in humility, triumph, compassion, perseverance, courage, responsibility, and so much more. What else can offer all that? "

Mayme Vilietstra, Sports Experience Director


While we offer 3 sports, we consider ourselves 1 family. That family includes over 5,000 athletes a year through Michigan Basketball Academy, Michigan Futbol Academy, and Michigan Volleyball Academy ranging in age from 2 – 19.

Michigan Sports Academies offers sports at every phase of the game, from beginners to national collegiate exposure. We provide opportunities to play at various levels of time and financial commitment through our clinics, private lessons, and team programs.

"Let’s face it, if it weren’t for sports we wouldn’t be here. SPORTS are our DNA. They call us to action. They are the platform for character, capability, and community through competition. "