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MSA Coaching Information

TEACH is pivotal to our mission at MSA. If you would love to teach and inspire athletes in West Michigan …we want you on our team! Our coaching expectations include:

  •  A passion to create and maintain an atmosphere of accountability and fun for all players.
  •  Attend MSA coaching clinic (Learn the MSA methods of training, conflict resolution skills, concussion management, and social media guidelines)
  •  CPR training current or attend MSA session
  •  Professional communication with parents and players
  •  Weekly updates to supervisor
  •  Bi-weekly coaches’ meetings

MSA Coaching Opportunities

We are always looking to add great coaches to our staff!

For Soccer or Futsal coaching email Brett (brettb@michigansportsacademies.com) or Derek (derekd@michigansportsacademies.com)

For Volleyball coaching email Jessica (jessicad@michigansportsacademies.com) or Kelly (kellyd@michigansportsacademies.com

For Basketball coaching email Mitch (mitchh@michigansportsacademies.com)

MSA Facility Information

Our facilities are our homes. We serve not only our MSA athletes but open the door for recreation opportunities for thousands of people in Grand Rapids every week. If you want to work in a fun, exciting environment where you get to meet new people and greet them with a smile and helping hand…we want you on our team!

Our customer service representative expectations include:

  • Enthusiasm, positivity, and pride in a job well done.
  • CPR training current or attend MSA session.
  • Flexible night and weekend availability.

MSA Facility Opportunities

MSA Facility Customer Service Representative | Greet and serve the MSA customers by preparing concessions, selling retail gear, setting up courts/fields, and welcoming guests. Hiring at all 3 Grand Rapids locations as well as our Holland location. 

If interested, fill out the MSA EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION and email it to juliec@michigansportsacademies.com


MSA Career Information

It’s not just a job, it’s a passion. We are blessed with a dedicated, invested, enthusiastic staff with a passion for what they do and the desire to give it their all. We believe in teamwork and supporting each other through the journey.

MSA Career Opportunities

There are currently no career opportunities available at this time, please check back later!

MSA Internships

To learn more about internships and apply, click here. 


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