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We host events including volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, futsal, football, pickleball, badminton, gymnastics, jujitsu, rugby, roller derby, model airplane flyers, baby shows and even dog shows!

MSA facilities are equipped with amenities to make your time in our building as enjoyable as possible. MSA Fieldhouse, MSA Sports Spot and MSA Woodland all offer full-service concession stands. Enjoy Dippin’ Dots, fresh hot fries, a delicious hot dog, ice cold Pepsi or many of our other offerings! The courts at MSA Fieldhouse and MSA Woodland are air conditioned to keep you comfortable during the hot summer months. There are televisions located throughout the buildings so you can catch college and professional games while watching your youth athlete play!

MSA Fieldhouse, MSA Sports Spot and MSA Woodland all offer meeting and conference room spaces. MSA Fieldhouse is also home to Good Life Physical Therapy and D1 Training. We take pride in our “homes” and are excited to offer a multitude of activities in West Michigan!

Finding a Facility

Michigan Sports Academies operates the 4 premier court and turf facilities in West Michigan – MSA Fieldhouse, MSA Lakeshore, MSA Sports Spot, and MSA Woodland. Our facilities are home to Michigan Sports Academies programs while also offering recreational opportunities to thousands of athletes of all ages in the Grand Rapids area every week! Whether you are planning a work retreat, birthday party or sporting event, we are the premier location for all your court and turf needs! As of summer 2021, MSA Fieldhouse is home is brand NEW TURF!

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