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Discipline and Coach Carter

Our MSA day camps provide great opportunities to teach character with our players. Last week at our MFA and MBA day camps, MSA coaches and Beyond The Sport Coordinator Eric Hollis focused on what it means to be a good teammate, play with class, and have discipline in practices and games.

At the MFA day camp our coaches handed out a pin recognizing discipline, being consistent within your passion. Maddox Krugler, one of the older and more talented players, consistently lead others in the camp to become better. He helped others follow instructions, picked up soccer balls, and consistently displayed effort and focus. Maddox was ecstatic to find out he was awarded the pin.

Meanwhile on the courts at Woodland, two players stood out to Boys Basketball Coordinator Bryan Powell. Aiden Barnes got a, “Discipin” due to his, “constant focus and encouraging his teammates throughout each drill.” Coach Powell praised, “His character was contagious and created a very positive atmosphere all week at camp.”