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MFA | Grit + Discipline Lessons | GRFC Speakers

This week, GRFC players Noble Sullivan and Joe Broekhuizen came out to speak to our Revolution players regarding grit and discipline. Grit, MSA’s core value for May is defined as, Never stopping and excelling in hardship. Or an easier phrase to remember it by would be, “grit don’t quit.” June’s core value is discipline, “Being consistent within your passion.”

On Wednesday Broekhuizen, the 6’6 center forward shared stories of his playing career for the Dayton Dutch Lions and a semi-professional team out in Finland. Broekhuizen was humble enough to admit, “there were plenty of players in my career who weren’t as talented as me but surpassed me because of their grit and discipline.” Joe also told a story from the book, “Living with a Seal,”  about a marathon runner repeating, “I don’t quit when I’m tired, I quit when I’m finished.” If you attend a GRFC match it’s easy to note Joe’s grit as he consistently puts his body on the line and will not quit until the whistle is blown.

On Thursday, Sullivan, the all-time top scorer for GRFC, made his way slowly across the Fieldhouse turf on crutches. He recently ruptured his achilles at a GRFC session counting him out for the “Boys in Blue” this season. Sullivan mentioned how discipline is not just on the field, but off of the field as well – whether it’s doing rehab for your injury or juggling in your backyard.