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MFA Happy Birthday Derek

Derek is the Director of MFA, overseeing our soccer and futsal programs. Learn more about Derek, the history of MFA, and his vision for the program below. 

Q: What is your coaching background?
A: I started coaching the peewees at Soccer Spot back in college, and then I launched the Little Rascals Soccer Academy in 2011 and my coaching career started there. I also coached club soccer for LASSO and GR Crew Jrs before I decided to kick off my own club. 
Q: How did MFA become MFA?
A: River City FC merged with Michigan Sports Academies in January 2017, launching the Michigan Futbol Academy. I've been with this club since the beginning - from River City Rascals to MFA. 

Q: Why do you coach?
A: I coach because there is nothing better than making a positive impact on a young mind. These kids are like sponges, they soak everything in. I enjoy joining them on their journey of growing as a player and a person.
Q: What's your favorite coaching memory?
A: Besides letting my 11G Volt squad shave my beard after winning the fall league, I would say my fondest memory is coaching the very first River City FC U8 Rave boys team. Those boys were full of energy, very skilled, and were hard to beat!
Q: What is your advice to athletes?
A: You are capable of so much more if you are willing to put in the extra effort. Touches at home with a ball, mastering both feet, playing during free time - you will get out of it what you put into it!

Q: What is your advice to coaches?
A: Be a good role model. Sports can have such a positive impact on children, and I believe this impact is multiplied by having a quality leader. Be encouraging, focus on development over results, and, most importantly, have fun.
Q: What is your advice to parents?
A: 5 words: "I love watching you play." I know how hard this can be as a parent who wants to critique everything that my little knucklehead children do wrong on the field or court, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that they know they have your support and love regardless of the outcomes.
Q: What makes you proud of MFA?
A: Where we are going. We have been putting all of the right pieces together over the course of several years, but in my mind, we are just getting started. I am incredibly proud of the staff, athletes, and parents of the #MFAmily, which I like to call "my family". I cannot wait to continue Teaching Life through Sport and seeing what new opportunities unfold in the future for this program.
The mission of Teaching Life through Sport takes just the right people. Derek, we are grateful for your leadership and vision and we are proud of the club MFA is today and will be in the future.