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MVA | What’s Your Why? | Grit players

MVA’s theme for the year has been, “purpose” and “what’s your why.” The quote on the back of all the MVA team practice shirts is, “Efforts and courage is nothing without purpose and direction.” 

This theme of purpose ties in perfectly with May’s core value of Grit because in order to exert grit and excel in hardship you have to have a reason for doing so. For some players it may be becoming the best they can be for themselves and the team. For others it may be aspiring to play in college. Regardless, there are goals and in mind that allow players to push through when the going gets tough.  

MSA defines grit as never stopping and excelling in hardship, a value that can be developed and grown throughout player’s careers. 

As the spring season comes to an end for most MVA teams, coaches were able to identify one player from each team who not only exerted grit once or twice, but consistently throughout the season. The players listed below received a pin as well as a hand-written note from their coach signed by MSA Directors.