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Join us for Soccer & Basketball!

As of February 8th, contact sports will resume under the guidelines of the MDHHS February 4th Epidemic Order.


  • Coed Beginner 
  • Coed Competitive 
  • Men’s Open
  • Men’s Competitive 


  • June 22 – August 10 (Tuesdays/ Thursdays) 


June 13


  • $500 per team


  • 8 game guarantee
  • 7v7
  • Game times 5:15pm, 6:20pm, 7:25pm, 8:30pm


  • The MDHHS Executive Order mandates that masks be worn at all times, even for players who are playing.
  • There will be a required symptom check for all participants prior to entering the playing areas.
  • Drinking fountains are currently shut down.  Players are responsible for their own drinking water in a clearly marked bottle.
  • We will be following strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols in all our facilities to keep our customers, staff, and team members safe.
  • League play will be 7v7 including the keeper, two 30-minute halves with 2 referees assigned to each game.
  • If there is ever bad weather, we will move games inside on the turf fields as a backup. Towards the end of the season, if we begin to lose too much daylight, we will move the last game of the night inside on the turf.
  • There will be an open bar during league games for those that are over the age of 21.


Click the link below and select the league you are registering for on the bottom left corner. From there, select create a team on the top right-hand corner to register.