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CLASS OF 2018/2019

Micky Ivy Forward East Grand Rapids 2018 Daemen College
Daisy Ansel Wing Comstock 2019 GVSU
Olivia Brown Combo Guard East Grand Rapids 2019 St. Bonaventure
Adele Kemp Wing Greenville 2019 Northwood
Alli Keyser Combo Guard Grand Haven 2019 Northwood
Kelly Oltoff Center Grand Haven 2019 Lake Superior State
Amiyah Vandergeld Wing Caledonia 2019 Davenport
Kaycee Sluiter Center Northpointe Christian 2019 Cornerstone
Kendall Krupiczewicz Combo Guard Caledonia 2019 Cornerstone



Lauren Ross Combo Guard Reeths Puffer 2020 Western Michigan
Jolee Houlee Combo Guard Grand Haven 2020 Wayne State
Mia Vandenberg Guard Sparta 2020 Davenport
Raven Jemison Power Forward East Kentwood 2020 Hope College



Jillian Brown Combo Guard East Grand Rapids 2021 Northwestern University
Kaybriana Hallman Small Forward East Kentwood 2021 Xavier University
Claire Cassiday Guard Grand Rapids Christian 2021 Calvin University
Zoe Lipke Guard Forest Hills Central 2021 Wheaton College
Grace Rosser Guard/ Forward Allendale 2021 Aquinas College
Arieonna Ware Guard Battle Creek Central 2021 Offers:  Oakland, Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan
Grace Lodes Small Forward Comstock Park 2021 Offers:  Northwood
Kenzie Armock Point Guard Sparta High School 2021 Offers: Trinity Christian College
Marcy Creevy Guard   2021 Offer: Alma College
Audrey Dreyer Forward Zeeland 2021 Offers: Aquinas College, Cornerstone University, Grace Christina University
Ash Bailey Forward Hudsonville 2021 Offers: Grace Christian, Cornerstone University 
Olivia Siedlecki Forward Jenison 2021 Offer: Alma College
Kensey Armock Guard Sparta 2021 Offer: Grace Christian
Grace Lodes Forward West Catholic 2021 Offer: Michigan Tech
Ciara Hardy Combo Guard Romulus 2021 Offers: Albion, Alma, Grace Christian, Concordia



Theryn Hallock Combo Guard Forest Hills Central 2022 Michigan State University
Abbey Kimball Combo Guard West Catholic 2022 Michigan State University

Alli Carlson

Point Guard East Grand Rapids 2022 Western Michigan
Hannah Schroeder Point Guard Allendale 2022 Offer: Cornerstone University 
Diamond Sawyer Small Forward Muskegon 2022 Offer:  Eastern Michigan

Deyoncee Thompson

Guard East Kentwood 2022 Offer:  Eastern Michigan

Alaina Diaz

Combo Guard Hudsonville  2022 Offer:  Ferris State University



Maddie Petroelje Wing Hudsonville 2023 Offers: GVSU, University of Colorado
Macy Brown Combo Guard East Grand Rapids 2023 Offers:  Loyola, Central Michigan, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebaraska

Below are athletes that we have had the opportunity to serve to further their basketball playing opportunities to the college level:

Justin Lary 2017 Aquinas 
Duane Washington 2017 Ohio State
Seth Millner 2017 Cleveland State University
JoVaun Jones 2017 KVCC
Elliot Burgsma 2017 Lake Forest College
Marcus Bingham Jr 2017 Michigan State
Mitch Bussell 2017 Alma
Alex King 2017 Alma
Shurman McGinnis 2017 KVCC
Ty Thiel 2017 Aquinas
Elijah Baxter 2017 KVCC
Blake Verbeek 2017 Holy Cross
Luke Toliver 2017 Western Michigan
Dexter Shouse JR 2018 Coastal Carolina University
Nolan Foster 2018 Ohio University
Logan LePage 2018 Madonna University
TJ McKenzie 2018 Hope College
Xander Okerlund 2018 Lake Superior State
Vincent Overway 2018 Trinity Christian College
Vinson Sigmon Jr. 2018 University of Wisconsin Parkside
Sage Walker 2018 Olivet College
Marcus Haveman 2018 Calvin 
Austin Braun 2018 GVSU
Charlies Woodhams 2019

Hillsdale College

Drew Weber 2020

Olivet College

Chanse Crittendon 2020

Albion College

*To be considered as an MBA Alumni a player must have completed at least one full committed H.S. AAU season with Michigan Basketball Academy.*