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3 Levels of Training | Regional, Elite, & National

MVA National teams are a full season 6 month commitment, practice 3 times a week and attend 11 two-day (or multi day) events from December – June/July.  Teams will play in the Michiana Open Power League, multiple large Midwest events, National qualifiers, and the USAV or AAU Nationals.  Nationals teams are the highest level of commitment and competition for their age group and are expected to attend and perform at a high level.  National athletes are only allowed to participate in one activity outside of MVA during the season.

The MVA Elite level offers a more intense travel and practice schedule and a full season 6 month commitment.  Elite teams  practice 2 or 3 times per week (dependent on age group) play in 8-10 2 day events.  They will play in the Michiana Open Power League and multiple large Midwest events.  This level is for committed and competitive athletes.  For the U13 age group it is the highest and most competitive level we offer.  Elite athletes may be asked to only participate in one activity outside of MVA during season.

The MVA Regional level offers a half season or 3 month commitment option for athletes who want to take their game up a notch.  Regional teams have 2 practices per week, play in the Saturday only Lakeshore Power League (all events are local), and one regional tournament (Lansing or Detroit). Winter season runs from December-early March, spring season runs from mid-March to early June. Athletes may choose to play Winter, Spring, or both! 

Scholarship Information

Looking for financial assistance for your athlete?

Contact the MSA Foundation for information about scholarships available for youth athletes in West Michigan.

In the event that MVA needs to close due to the lovely Michigan weather we will notify you via email a minimum of 90 minutes prior to your scheduled practice!

We also will immediately update our website, facebook and twitter feeds so your players can access that as well!

Please Note: We do NOT cancel practice based on School closings.

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