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Mission & Vision

Teach. Life. Sport.

At Michigan Volleyball Academy we teach, train, and encourage young women to excel in both the sport of volleyball and in their everyday life.  We create a positive, cooperative spirit between players, coaches, parents, and club. 

Individual player development remains our highest priority. MVA utilizes a “Lead Coaching Philosophy” to develop players individually and as a team. Every player in our gym gets a practice plan developed by one of our Lead Coaches that takes age, skill level and goals into account. Our Lead Coaches all have multiple years of collegiate and club level coaching experience. This experience and the tenacity it takes to stay current in volleyball training are the backbone to why you should choose MVA to develop your athlete as a player and person. Whether your player wants to play the collegiate level or make their high school team, MVA strives towards that goal on a daily basis.

Youth sports should be fun to play, an appropriate value, and an opportunity to teach life skills.  At Michigan Volleyball Academy we are dedicated:

  • To providing quality training for all levels of volleyball players, from a beginner through national level competition
  • To teaching sound, technical volleyball skills and game strategy
  • To providing opportunities to play competitive volleyball at various levels of time and financial commitment
  • To offering positive, passionate coaches to help grow young women as athletes in the sport of volleyball
  • To live and teach the fundamental concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and accountability
  • To be a responsive, open, communicative, and well organized volleyball club
  • To offering a high value return in relationship to cost
  • To be connected with college volleyball coaches for the recruiting of players and scholarship opportunities

Teach. Life. Sport.