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Recruiting Information

Michigan Volleyball Academy is committed to helping you through your recruiting process. We know that between our training, tournament schedule, and college coaching connections we can help you find the right school. However, recruiting is 99% driven by your athlete and their interests. If you would like to play in college there are several things to consider. Below you will find some guidelines that will help you match your volleyball and athletic skills to the level of college play that may be appropriate for you. You will also find some general statistics on colleges from NAIA to Division 1.

The NCAA sets guidelines for recruiting, including how and when colleges can talk to athletes. Here are a couple links to help you learn the process!
Academic Eligibility – It is not just how well you play!
Recruiting Rules by Grade– Find out how you and college coaches are allowed to communicate by grade.
Recruiting Calendar – How and when coaches can contact athletes.
8 Steps to Getting Recruited article (great links within the article!)
Women’s Volleyball Recruiting Guidelines – Includes division appropriate statistics for experience recommended, vertical jump height and height averages for athletes.
College Volleyball Database Make sure you search all levels!

Cost: $200 for a one-hour video taping session; includes court time and editing.

Why MVA is the right Recruiting Video Service for you:

  • It is important to begin the recruiting process as early as possible. Once you begin contacting college coaches, they may ask to see a skills video or game footage. A professional, well-made video is the best way to represent yourself to schools that you are interested in.
  • Michigan Volleyball Academy will videotape the athlete’s skills, edit the video, send you a private YouTube link that you can email to coaches, and promote the video in our email promotions that go out to volleyball coaches around the country.
  • Game footage can be added (with no editing service) for an additional $30.
  • Craig Vlietstra will be shooting and editing your recruiting video. Craig has been in the business of coaching volleyball for 18 years. He has college coaching experience at Division I, Division II, and NAIA levels and has first-hand experience of what college coaches are looking for from recruitable athletes.
  • You will be sent a private YouTube link that you can email out so coaches have immediate access to your video – no more waiting for DVDs in the mail!
  • Typically late in your sophomore year or any time early in your junior year is a good time to shoot your recruiting video and begin sending out your link.

Ready to join the fun?