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Recruiting Central

Michigan Volleyball Academy is committed to helping you through your recruiting process. We know that between our training, tournament schedule, and college coaching connections we can help you find the right school. However, recruiting is 99% driven by the athlete and their interests. If you would like to take control of your future, MVA is the place.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Abby Aiken, the MVA Recruiting Coordinator – abbya@michigansportsacademies.com 

What is NIL?

On July 1, the entire collegiate world was flipped upside down when the NCAA, under pressure from numerous state governments and the US Supreme Court, changed it’s long held amateurism model.  The ground-breaking shift has provided athletes with opportunities to make money by selling their name, image and likeness (NIL) rights.  While collegiate athletes are striking deals, questions continue to unfold as short- and long-term implications will not be fully known for quite some time.  In essense, athletes can now partake in jersey sales, commercial endorsements, and other previously forbidden money-making ventures.  

How Does This Affect Volleyball Athletes?

Not much …for now.  The majority of this new legislation is being driven by collegiate football and basketball.  You may have heard about quarterbacks at Alabama and Auburn getting paid six-figures to represent an ice tea brand or a digital money-transfer app.  Volleyball players will find their way in this new landscape but for now, most endorsements won’t come close to these deals monetarily.  The odds on volleyball players cashing in will most-likely come from sponsored tweets and Instagram posts for those players with large followings.

How Does This Affect Michigan High School Athletes?

Unless you live in California, high school athletes are still subject to state and local athletic association rules which forbid making money off name/image/likeness.  That goes for Michigan too.  

What is a Transfer Portal?

This is a phrase that is being thrown around alot lately but essentially, the Transfer Portal allows college athletes to be re-recruited.  In the past, recruiting was traditionally focused on influencing high school students because recruiting another college’s athletes was strictly forbidden.  Did college coaches entice other collegiate athletes to transfer?  Absolutely …but it was done in back alleys, under the cover of night with shady entities working behind the scenes.  Basically, the Transfer Portal (or simply ‘The Portal’) is a way for college coaches to bring this process into the light, and out into the open.  When an athlete is in the Portal, it now means that everyone (college coach / administration) have been made aware of the athlete’s intentions to transfer …and the college coaches are free to recruit them, if they so desire.  If you are wondering, the Portal is not where you want to be.  You want to stay out of the Portal, as much as it is up to you.  Work the process right the first time

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