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Become an MVA Coach!

The MVA Coaching Interest Survey is an online form that you can access using the button below.  Once you submit your inquiry the information will be sent to jessicad@michigansportsacademies.com for the Winter and Spring season.

  • A passion to teach and impact athletes in a positive manner both on and off the volleyball court.
  • The ability to create and maintain an atmosphere of accountability and fun for all players.
  • Attend MVA coaching clinic (Learn the MVA methods of training, conflict resolution skills, concussion management, and social media guidelines).
  • CPR training current or attend an MVA session.
  • Maintain a professional manner during all MVA events and communication with parents and athletes.
  • Provide weekly updates to lead coach and participate in bi-weekly coaches’ meetings.
  • Follow all MVA coaches guidelines as outlined in the Coaching Handbook.
  • 6 month commitment, December to June (July for Nationals)
  • 5 – 7 hours of practice per week.  2 -3 days of practice.
  • 8-12 tournaments per season.
  • Tournaments are generally two-days with a few three-day events also.
  • Elite and National will play in the Open Level Michiana Power League.
  • Elite and National will both travel regionally and may include national qualifiers and the National Championships.
  • 3 month commitment.  Winter, Spring, or Both!
  • 4 hours of practice per week. 2 days.
  • 4 – 5 tournaments per season.
  • Tournaments are one – day tournament with 1 two-day tournament.
  • Events are local to Grand Rapids with the exception of 1 regional tournament per season.
  • 3 month commitment. Winter, Spring, or Both!
  • 2 hours of practice per week. 1 day.
  • 3 single day tournaments.
  • All events for Winter are within 15 miles of MSA Fieldhouse.

Ready to join the fun?