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Our Mission is simple – Teach.Life.Sport

Youth sports should be fun to play, affordable, and an opportunity to teach life.  At Michigan Futbol Academy we are dedicated to:

  • Providing quality training in futsal and soccer.  Our coaching staff is a team.  We work together and attend MFA coaching trainings to provide all players with high level training.
  • Serving athletes of all ages and skill levels.  We are for the elite, experienced, and everyone.  We offer a variety of programming options for all levels of commitment and ability.
  • Helping our players love the game.  Soccer is in our DNA.  We love the sport and want to pass that love on to the next generation.  At MFA, our coaches will push you to be a better player while having a blast as a team and creating life-long memories.
  • Developing character and going beyond the sport.  Through our core value program we will take time to focus on the life lesson taught through sport.  

1. Year-round programs at OUR premier sports facilities in West Michigan!
All of our MFA programs have primary access to the best soccer and futsal facilities in the region—with outdoor synthetic turf and grass fields and indoor courts and brand NEW turf fields.

2. Opportunities for individual/team development in both soccer and futsal!
With integrated programming in two of the fastest-growing sports on the planet, MFA trains/develop players who want to play, improve, and develop at the highest rate.

3. Leadership from a professional, educated, and passionate coaching staff!
Our coaches are committed to implementing our unique MFA playing style with all of our athletes. We take time to educate our staff to ensure proper development is taking place.

4. Holistic player development in Character, Capability, and Community!
MFA’s #BeyondTheField approach provides players growth not only as athletes, but as people. Our commitment to teaching Core Values and building relationships is proven.

5. Calendar friendly—providing program schedule a year in advance!
Our consistent facilities allow us to plan well in advance, providing parents with busy schedules plenty of time to plan and prepare ahead of time—any parent’s dream!

6. Budget friendly—no hidden costs, with options to pay monthly or up front!
There are no hidden costs in our programs—tuition costs cover everything in the program. Plus, our convenient payment plans make our programs accessible to everyone!

7. Quality turf fields—extended seasons and no cancelling due to wet grass!
MSA’s turf fields allow us to play longer seasons (i,e,- November and March), and cancelling practices or games due to having unplayable fields is in the past! Bring on the rain!

8. Access to athletic development and injury prevention/assessment!
Our club’s relationship with i’move provides our players with in-house professional support in speed & agility, sports performance and injury prevention/assessment.

9. Consistency, communication & stability with support from MSA admin staff!
There is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes to provide the best experience possible for players and parents. Our dedicated staff’s goal is to make your job easier!

10.Possibilities for multi-sport programming with MVA and MBA!
Outside of soccer and futsal, MSA has 2 other sports for our athletes to get involved in. Our goal is to provide convenient multi-sport programming for athletes of all ages!

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