Futsal Team Information

Futsal is a fast-paced game that MFA utilizes to develop our players within the technical and tactical components of the game.  The overarching goal is to provide players with:
  • Fast paced game = improving first touch and speed of decision-making.
  • More touches on the ball = greater opportunities to develop foot skills.
  • Spatial awareness = understanding when to dribble, pass, and move. 
  • Year-round development = continue working with their coach and teammates in the off-season
  • Flexible schedule = not playing every weekend gives time for indoor turf, other sports, skiing, and family time. 
On the futsal court, players will be exposed to many training and competition environments which will improve individual intelligence and ability to read the game.  MFA has already had success on the regional and national stage in the 2022/23 season:
  • US Youth Futsal Great Lakes Regional Champions: 14G Black, 12B Black, 08B Black
  • USYF Great Lakes Regional Finalists: 14B Black
  • USYF Lake Shore Regional Champions: 13G Black, 05G Black, 14B Black, 08B Black
  • USYF Lake Shore Regional Finalists: 09G Black, 06G Black, 15B Black, 14B Black, 13B Black, 12B Black
  • USYF National Semi-Finalists: 14G Black, 12B Black
MFA offers two platforms for futsal training and competition:

An Elite futsal experience offering quality training and competition with minimal travel.

AGE GROUPS | U9 (2015) – U19 (2005)

SEASON | 12 weeks (November – February)

TRAINING & LOCATION | Weekly 90-minute sessions @ MSA Sports Spot, West Michigan’s home to 4 Futsal Sport Courts

LEAGUES & TOURNAMENTS | 4 Elite Futsal Tournaments 

GR RevFutsal Elite Team Tuition

LS RevFutsal Elite Team Tuition


Competitive futsal offering for all MFA club players.

AGE GROUPS | U7 (2016) – U19(2005)

SEASON | 12 week program (November – February)

TRAINING & LOCATION | Weekly 75-minute training sessions @ MSA Sports Spot

LEAGUES & TOURNAMENTS | 1 local tournament 

GR RevFutsal Team Tuition 

LS RevFutsal Team Tuition 

All our MFA teams are formed by invite/interest.  If you are interested in playing futsal with us, please do the following:

  • Fill out this FUTSAL INTEREST FORM.
  • Contact your Revolution Coach letting them know that you want to play!


Contact the MSA Foundation for information about scholarships available for youth athletes in West Michigan.  

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