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We teach more than a game! Our priority is to put each player in a place where they will be challenged—physically, mentally, emotionally. We will make as competitive teams as possible. We want the games of soccer and futsal to be accessible to everyone. We spend time evaluating players and building the most suitable teams for their development, as both a player and an individual.

My goal is to help kids become leaders, help them learn and improve their skills and knowledge of the game, and become more confident throughout every season while being apart of Revolution. This club has a deep passion for soccer, I plan to pass that on to everyone that I can!


MFA Staff Coach

Some of the best memories I have are because of soccer. My closest friends have all played on a soccer team with me at some point. I learned so many valuable things being a part of a team and I aspire to be a mentor to other kids. I focus not only making them better players but also making them better people and inspiring them to love soccer as much as I do. It is a beautiful game that breaks boundaries and borders.


MFA Staff Coach

"I’m very excited to join the MFA family. I’m extremely thankful to the club as a whole for it’s warm welcome, and also for the opportunity to continue my coaching career with such a great club. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead, and cannot wait to start making memories with the entire MSA family. "


U15+ Boys Technical Director

"I am extremely excited to be a part of the MFA family. Its culture and vision align well with mine and I am looking forward to making a positive impact on the players, coaches, and families by sharing my passion and expertise. I’m also looking forward to the new opportunities for individual growth that come with joining a new club."


MFA Auxiliary Director & U11-U14 Girls Technical Director

"I’m very excited for the opportunity to bring my love, passion and knowledge of this beautiful game to this club and specifically the u10-12 age group. This age group is what I consider to be the most important development years as a soccer player and “whole athlete.” I am looking forward to having an impact and building relationships with our MFA athletes throughout their long soccer journeys!"


U11-U14 Boys Technical Director & FITNESS & NUTRITION DIRECTOR

My life is about living out the calling of impacting the lives of the next generation, inspiring kids to write a future story for themselves that involves hard work, perseverance, integrity, team-mindedness, courage, and drive. I love the platform this great club offers to use competitive soccer to instill success-empowering life lessons for kids outside of soccer and into the future.


MFA Staff Coach

MSA has earned a reputation for being the leader in sports management. It offers first-class coaching and extraordinary leadership in its executive management team. As such, the MFA/Revolution FC/ABK family offers players a development pathway that is unsurpassed in west Michigan. I am proud to be on the MFA team and eager to help build West Michigan’s top youth soccer program.


U7-U10 Girls Technical Director

Passionate about molding kids and growing community. Soccer is a beautiful tool because all you have to do is drop a ball and play. And the fact that you never see the same thing twice fascinates me! I believe that God has an intricately designed plan that is unraveling itself in this community and I plan on sticking around to play whatever role He has in store for me.



"It feels good to be back “home”! As some of you may know, I coached with Fabian when ABK started, and it has always been a big goal of mine to coach for ABK again. It was an easy decision when I learned about MFA, where they are now, and where we plan to be in a few years. The facilities, the vision, the management, the “family feeling,” and just the passion for the sport, all do not compare to any other club in the area. The future is bright! #VamosABK #VamosMFA"


ABK Technical Director

I have been playing the sport of soccer since I was 6 years old. I played at East Kentwood High School where I captained the team and lead them to a D1 State Championship. Went on to graduate and committed to Davenport University where we won the D2 GLIAC Championship. Now that I’m 19, I decided to take what I’ve learned so far throughout my soccer career to help the little ones improve their skills/knowledge. As one of Revolution's newest coaches, I am super excited to learn and experience many things.


MFA Staff Coach

My love for coaching this beautiful game comes from being able to watch kids development and get better and better day by day and because of the life lessons it can teach you through out your futbol/soccer career. I came here to Revaluation to learn as much as possible from some amazing people/coaches, on and off the field and I am just so excited for this new journey and opportunity!


MFA Staff Coach

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to coach the sport I love in such an integrative club that focuses not only on soccer skills, but also how we can become better humans and build into our community. I’m a Calvin College grad with a degree in Exercise Science and Spanish, currently in grad school for Occupational Therapy. When I’m not running around the soccer field with your kiddos, you can find me hiking, running, traveling, hanging with friends/family, adventuring with my camera, or with my dog at Lake Michigan. I’m excited to return for my 6th year with this great club!


MFA Staff Coach

I am very excited about becoming a member of the MFA family! I see lots of opportunities for the young athletes to practice and perform at the highest level possible. Revolution has a unique structure, that offers more than just soccer. It’s encouraging to see a club do a lot of extra things behind the scene, to give the players the best experience possible. As Girls DOC, I'm excited to share my love for the game with these future stars!



"I am pleased and delighted to join the MFA Revolution family. As a lifelong student and teacher of the game, I am nothing but excited about this fantastic opportunity to work with a great organization with an un-comparable infrastructure. Our common goal is bettering the life and soccer experience of our new generation of soccer enthusiasts. This organization’s mission and commitment to our community is extraordinary. I hope that my hard work, humble expertise, and steady leadership will help to guide the soccer program to be one of the best in the state. What appeals me to this organization is it’s people, their vision, core values and pure commitment to our youth without distraction. Looking forward to the future."



I love coaching because I love seeing the improvement within the young athletes, and it has increased my passion for the game. I love Revolution, because it’s bigger than just soccer. It’s all about developing and growing players on and off the field.


MFA Staff Coach

I have a passion for learning and continuing to further my education in both Soccer and Futsal. My motivation to teach the game to young people comes from the lack of opportunity I had to learn Soccer as a kid and why I enjoy the learning process so much. I love that my coaching style is perfectly aligned with River City's holistic approach to life & sports, that’s why I know with absolute certainty that I'm with the best soccer club in Grand Rapids.



Throughout my life (as a player), I've learned so many things of this sport so called soccer. I am excited to start this new journey as a soccer coach and experience/learn many more things. The biggest goal to achieve as a coach is to show the kids all the things I know and see them improve as a player day by day. I am ecstatic about joining River City FC and it is probably one of the best decisions I have made!!


ABK Technical Director

I’ve been working with children since age 15; from the field, to the pool, to the classroom and beyond, young people have always been a part of my life. I coached my first soccer team at age 16 and discovered a passion. Years later, I’m still going. When I’m not coaching, I can be found playing sports, watching my goldfish or taking a long midday nap.



I'm looking forward to getting my feet planted in what seems to be a phenomenal organization. I'm excited to be wowed, amazed and just blessed by any group that I get to spend my time with. Im looking forward to pass the knowledge I know about the game to these awesome kids who one day, will be better than I ever was. I'm just excited to be around people who care about something as much as I do--this is a great group of coaches who are very good at what they do.


MFA Staff Coach

Soccer is a sport that is always changing and evolving. There are so many different ways players express their individuality. There are also coaches who are always innovating the way the game is managed and how they train. That is why I love this sport. Constantly studying what is going on and catching new details and ideas everyday keeps me pushing myself to be better. I strive to pass that same drive and desire to my players who want it. I give my players the tools to think outside of the box and grow a love for the game because it is what they want, not because it is what I want. That is the most rewarding experience there is for a coach; to see that passion grow from within, not from outside pressure.


MFA Staff Coach

I am so excited to share my experiences, knowledge and love for the game to the players at Revolution. I’m also very excited for the opportunity to teach the kids to enhance their performance by teaching them how to move efficiently using speed and agility However, more importantly, I am looking forward to using soccer as a means to teach the kids the value of hard work, dedication, and being a great teammate all while having fun.


MFA Staff Coach

I love being outside and being active but soccer is my true passion. I love everything about the sport, especially how it brings people together. I grew up loving the game and always wanting to get out there and play. Coaching has helped me move on in my soccer career, being a leader for kids is the most satisfying thing for me. I hope that through coaching I can pass on my love for the game onto the players at RCFC and help them grow not only as players but as people.



Coaching is a way for me to express myself in the purest way possible. I love soccer and enjoy helping others become the best version of themself. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play and enjoy soccer, regardless of their ability level or experience. MFA provides an opportunity for me to accomplish my goals and grow not only as a coach, but also as an individual.


MFA Staff Coach

When I stopped playing soccer, I still had that intense love for the game and the community it brings, but it wasn’t until I signed my daughter up for Little Rascals that I found MFA. This became my new community as a parent, but even more so as I moved into a coaching role. I love the community MFA brings together, the relationships each coach builds with families on and off the field, and the desire to make players better people too. I’m super excited to further join this community of people, continuing to strengthen my relationships with players and their families, and grow the my love for the game while fostering players’ love for the game too!


MFA Staff Coach

I fell in love with a new sport at such a young age, I knew what I wanted to do with my life as soon as I touched a soccer ball for the first time. I have played soccer for 14 years, but I have only a year of experience with coaching. I’m so excited to teach the next generation of soccer players the beautiful game and just excited to learn from them as well. Go MFA!


MFA Staff Coach

I love working with kids and teaching them the game that provided me with so much joy and freedom growing up. I love helping the development of kids in the club, not only with soccer, but their development as a human's. Very excited to return for my 4th year with this great club!



I started coaching when I was about 14-15 years old. I was always a very talkative player on the field and my coach at the time thought I would be great with kids. I started with the 4-7 year old program and grew from there. My love for coaching grew bigger and bigger in my college years. I am excited to be leading our staff, creating opportunities for teams, as well as growing and developing all of our players!



Soccer has always been a big part of my life. Growing up I loved playing the sport and it helped me become the person I am today. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to play and now I have a chance to give back by coaching and passing on what I’ve learned to the future generation. I always told myself I wanted to stay involved with soccer in my life in some way and what better way than to coach and help guide kids as my prior coaches did with me. I’m excited to be a part of the Revolution family and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me as a coach!!



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