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MFA's March Madness

MFA’s March Madness was established in 2019 with one mission: to give teams quality pre-season full-field turf competition.  For 5 years, this was organized as a traditional tournament structure where teams played a minimum of 3 games on one weekend.  The problem is that Michigan weather is unpredictable, and two weekends of competition have been cancelled due to this unpredictable weather.

Going forward, MFA’s March Madness will have a new look, but with the same goal: get teams as many pre-season games as they desire!  Now, instead of being limited to one weekend, we are organizing games across the entire month of March—giving teams the flexibility to create the schedule they desire, and games can be played as the weather permits.  All match-ups will be officiated by US Soccer referees and all communications will be organized by West Michigan Soccer’s full-time staff.



Available Dates – games can be played on any of the following weekends:
  • March 1-3
  • March 8-10
  • March 15-17
  • March 23-25
Available Locations – games can be played on brand new turf fields at either of the following locations:
  • MSA Fieldhouse  |  4v4 / 7v7 / 9v9 / 11v11  |  Outdoors
  • MSA Woodland  |  4v4 / 7v7  |  Indoors
Cost Per Game – there is a per game per team cost to cover the fields and referees:
  • 4v4: $75
  • 7v7: $100
  • 9v9: $125
  • 11v11: $150

       For example: an 11v11 team could get 3 matches for $450 compared to an ~ $800 tournament fee.


  • Sign-Up Deadline: February 11
    • We will begin creating matchups and allowing teams to self-schedule games starting on Mon, Feb 12
    • Teams can still join after this point, but are not guaranteed to get the games they desire
  • Scheduling Deadline: February 29
    • Coaches will be able to select their own match-ups and schedule their own games!
    • Follow the information on the google sheet/via emails for scheduling instructions.


 Contact us at events@michiganfutbolacademy.com.


SIGN-UP for Games!

To sign up for March Madness games, please click on the link below and request access to our sign-up spreadsheet.  Once given access, complete all the necessary information and we will contact you to schedule games.  Payment is collected at the facility when games are played to avoid cancellations and refunds.